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Reckless Negligent Driving every morning R513
News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents No wonder there is so many taxi head-on collisions in our country. e see this everyday, Why can't Traffic Law Enforcement see it? The fines and penalties given to these reckless drivers do not justify the type of offense they're committing. Fines, penalties and punishment for these types of offenses must be of such that Drivers must realise that the Risk is to high if they are caught. Currently, there is NO risk for these drivers, because if they're caught, they get a small fine and off they go. Tomorrow they will continue to drive they way they do, risking other peoples lives. INCREASES THE RISK by INCREASING the FINES & PENALTIES
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13.10.2017 (1717 days ago)
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Reckless Negligent Driving every morning R513